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Meet the Team

We here at Action Lock & Key, Inc., feel that we are a family in a family owned business. We are here to service our neighbors wherever they come from. YOU are important to us and we look forward to serving you. Learn more about our team.

Andy started Action Lock & Key, Inc. in June of 1980 in a small shop on Lake St in Roselle, IL. With one truck and his Dad to help him answer phones for the first year, Andy established himself in the area. Within 5 years, he was able to hire a man to work the counter while he did the outside service calls. Often his little brother Vinny would ride along learning the trade from Andy. As the business continued to grow, Andy took on another young man who he also taught the trade of locksmithing. Business was starting to get better and the economy was booming. One of his favorite sayings is: “When the economy is good, people are locking up their stuff and when the economy is bad, people are still locking up their stuff!”

By 1986, Andy had met and fell in love with his wife Jan who began working with him at the shop just prior to their marriage in 1987. Jan did all the accounts receivable, payables, payroll, taxes, insurance and all record keeping for Action Lock & Key, Inc. Along with growing the business, Andy and Jan’s family grew too. AJ was born in June of 1988 and even as a baby, he spent a great deal of time at the shop with Dad, Mom and Uncle Vinny. With his Dad’s mechanical talents already a big part of his genetics, it wasn’t long before AJ started exhibiting his own talents. Yes, this truly is a ‘family’ business.
Vinny became interested in locksmithing as a young boy hanging with his big brother Andy, riding in the truck and going on service calls with him. He quickly caught on becoming quite proficient in his talents. Vinny expanded his skills by learning how to manipulate, drill and repair safes, installing and repairing door closers, setting up and installing master key programs and electrical security devices. Thirty plus years have made him our lead technician and specialist on high security devices. He is also one of our Harley-loving guys and knows a whole lot about motorcycles.
Our dependable, hardworking, kind and happy Mel has a great set of work ethics. He comes in every day with a smile on his face ready to take on the day’s challenges. Whether changing cylinders, installing deadbolts, picking locks, being an additional man on a complex job, helping out on the front counter, or checking truck inventory in our warehouse Mel is our residential service go-to guy! After 20 years of service with Action Lock & Key, Mel stills gives the company and our customers 100 % of himself every day.
AJ is a younger version of his dad Andy and the right hand of his Uncle Vinny. This young man managed to manipulate a safe open while playing in his dad’s shop at age 5! Lucky? Maybe but his talents far exceed any lucky chances. AJ has a natural talent for seeing, creating, fixing and comprehending how things go together in order for them to work properly. Second only to his uncle, at 26 years old he has the mind, talent and experience of technicians twice his age. Not only is AJ an extremely talented locksmith, he is proficient in all the many facets of the interior and exterior workings of Action Lock and Key.
After being with us 15 years, Dawn stills plugs away at her desk every day. As our bookkeeper extraordinaire, Dawn keeps track of all incoming service tickets, putting them into the computer, paying them out, totaling deposits and recording ALL customer information while helping to answer phones, keeping track of files and processing UPS shipments. Our girl Friday works hard all week long as her fingers sing across her keyboard and adding machine. We affectionately refer to her as our “Money Queen …..”.
Mike is our newest employee and has been with us for only one year. He is the first face that greets our customers when they come through our doors or call on our phone. Mike handles our walk-in customers, dispatching, and ordering inventory. With a smile on his face, he is our jack-of-all-trades to be able to handle a busy shop while customers are calling to book service calls and technicians are calling for additional information on their jobs. We hope that Mike will have longevity with us as all of our employees have.
Harley and Annie are two of our border collies who come to the shop each day. They take turns and fight to get out of the house in the morning knowing that one of them will be spending the day at Action Lock & Key. Harley is the baby at 1 year old and will play ball with you as long as you will throw it! Whether five times or fifty times, he will catch that ball and bring it back to do it all over again. Annie on the other hand thinks everyone comes in to see HER. When the bell goes off, signaling that someone has come in, she is up and running. It’s as if she’s saying: “I’ll get it!” There is one warning that comes with Annie and that is she can’t control her licker! Please note: we understand that not everyone likes dogs so we do put our pups in their cage if someone is afraid of or wary of being around them.
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