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Commercial Door Locks

Anyone who runs a business or owns commercial property knows how important security is. In many cases, commercial security measures protects goods, property, and employees. It’s essential to make sure that protecting your Illinois business starts with the right measures — locks. There are a number of different types of commercial locks, and it’s important to find the right style for your needs, for maximum security and protection. Here are a few things to remember when choosing commercial door locks.

Deadbolts and Mortise Locks.

One common type of commercial door lock is a deadbolt, which many people are familiar with and have installed on their doors at home. These are locks that cannot be moved to the open position without the use of a key, unlike doorknob locks which are more vulnerable to break-ins. Mortise locks are similar and are used as commercial door locks in the U.S. more and more often. A mortise lock acts as both a doorknob and a lock — though the lock is not in the doorknob itself.

Electronic or Biometric Locks.

Another common type of commercial lock is an electronic lock. These locks typically use a PIN pad for entry and make ideal commercial locks because the code can be changed frequently. This is helpful if a company has high turnover or wants to add increased security without rekeying locks. Similarly, biometric locks use fingerprints for entry, which is more secure than a key lock or pass code.

Lever Handle Locks.

Lever handle locks are typically used on commercial doors for interior security. These offer less security than other types of locks but are good for interior offices, rooms, or bathrooms that need to be locked but don’t require the highest level of security.
If you’re looking for commercial door locks in Roselle, it’s best to consult with the experts to find out which locks are best for your commercial property.

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